Saathiya to brings colors of romance


Ricky and Sita’s sweet moments will be seen. Ricky likes Sita, after seeing her selfless concern towards her. Ricky has abandoned her in mandap, even then she is good towards him. Ricky holds Sita and dances with her, while she serves the dinner for him. Sita gets puzzled seeing his behavior. Ricky is drunk, and imagines his lover Sameera in Sita. Meera takes Vidya’s help to fail Bhavani’s plans. Meera dons the ghunghat and meets Dharam to win him back. Dharam does not know its Meera, and gets away from her. Sita gets surprised seeing Ricky’s romantic side.

Dharam has married Bhavani. He assumes the lady is Bhavani. Meera is dressed up in Bhavani’s clothes. She keeps the suspense and does not show her face to Dharam. She has stolen Bhavani’s clothes and outdone all moves. Meera scares Dharam. Dharam makes excuse and runs away. Vidya gives Bhavani the responsibility of Dharam’s children. Bhavani loves Dharam and just wants him. She does not want the crying babies and is troubled by them. Dharam and Meera’s romance will be seen.


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