Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Shakti: Soumya falls in trouble when Preeto comes to visit a friend. Soumya has put ghunghat on her face. It’s a birthday party happening. Preeto and Harak come there to attend the little boy’s birthday. Soumya serves the snacks to everyone, and hide from their sight by putting the ghunghat. She gives the milkshake to Chintu, who drinks the milkshake and guesses its made by Soumya. Soumya goes and hides in kitchen. She feels Preeto has found her truth anytime. She is staying in a hut with Harman. The couple is working hard to earn living. Soumya thinks if Preeto and Harak know about her, all her hardwork will go waste. She fears Harman’s family will lose respect in society, as she is working as maid in their friend’s house.

Sasural Simar Ka: Riddhima ties up Piyush with ropes and does the puja. She was going to kill Piyush by a sword. Simar stopped Riddhima and asks her why did she lie to her and got Piyush here. Riddhima says I had no option, I have to kill Kaal. Simar says Piyush is my son and pushes Riddhima. Everyone asks Simar to let Riddhima do anything, its some time to midnight now. Simar says I won’t let anything happen to Piyush. Riddhima says its Amavasya night, Kaal will get powerful and then none can stop him, let me kill him. Simar stands as shield and saves Piyush.

Udaan: Chakor comes to stay with Kasturi and Bhuvan. She hides her pain and smiles. She has left the haveli, after Suraj cheated her. She wipes her tears and controls her emotions. She tells Bhuvan that she was missing them and came to stay with them for some days. Bhuvan hugs and welcomes her home. Chakor is much hurt because of the deceive. She does not meet Kasturi’s eyes, as she is hiding big thing from them. She does not want to cry in front of them.

Swabhimaan: Karan has an illness since childhood. Naina got the allergy by touching him. Karan gets shocked seeing the allergy on Naina’s hands. He says it’s because of me, and gets mad in anger. Karan angrily hurts himself. Naina stops Karan from hurting his hand. Karan asks Naina not to touch him, how did he touch her, its his mistake. Naina did not notice the allergy before. She did not wish Karan to find out her allergy. She stops Karan from feeling guilty. Karan and Naina care for each other.

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