Meghna to nurture Nirmala’s talents in Swabhimaan


Karan has an illness since childhood. Naina got the allergy by touching him. Karan gets shocked seeing the allergy on Naina’s hands. He says it’s because of me, and gets mad in anger. Karan angrily hurts himself. Naina stops Karan from hurting his hand. Karan asks Naina not to touch him, how did he touch her, its his mistake. Naina did not notice the allergy before. She did not wish Karan to find out her allergy. She stops Karan from feeling guilty. Karan and Naina care for each other.

Meanwhile, Meghna and Nirmala do the aarti. Meghna made the plan and got Nirmala in Mata ki chowki. She tells everyone that Nirmala sings well, but did not sing since many years. She insists Nirmala to sing aarti. Meghna wanted Nirmala to sing and fulfill her heart wishes again. She is encouraging Nirmala’s talents. Nirmala sings aarti and plays dholak as well. Meghna gets happy seeing this.


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