Omkara and Gauri mock togetherness in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara gives a warning and tells Shwetlana that he will kick her out in 48 hours. Omkara says maybe you have no respect, but my family has respect. She asks him is he warning her. He threatens her. He pushes her and asks her to get out of house. Shwetlana does not care for his words. Gauri also challenges Shwetlana and shows her right place at home. Gauri asks Shwetlana to pack her bags and leave, as nothing can turn in her favor now. Gauri shows her dabangg style. Jhanvi and Buamaa support Gauri and get surprised when Omkara stands by Gauri.

Gauri and Omkara want to make Shwetlana leave. Shwetlana hides her lookalike, who is kept inside the freezer, hidden in the living room. No one has seen the real Shwetlana till now. Shwetlana can’t leave from Oberoi mansion till her secrets are buried there. She hides the huge box. Shwetlana threatens Omkara that she will make Jhanvi out of house, and then she will stay forever here. Omkara holds Gauri’s hand and shows his support for his wife. Omkara and Gauri act as loving husband and wife in front of Shwetlana.


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