Rangeela’s challenge for Veer in Ghulaam


Rangeela and Shivani have succeeded to leave from Veer’s haveli, after the death game. Rangeela challenges Veer that he will change Berahampur. Rangeela asks Shivani to come with him, they will go to his house. He sees the temple and prays. The pandit goes to do tilak to Rangeela. The men stop pandit from applying tilak to Rangeela, who is an enemy for them. Shivani and Rangeela’s friends are with him. Rangeela gets the tilak done by his friend. Everyone avoids Rangeela in the village. Rangeela faces everyone’s anger. Veer has commanded the villagers to boycott Rangeela. He says whoever supports Rangeela will be dead.

Veer’s man asks the doctor to go back and not treat Rangeela. Veer shoots the doctor and asks everyone to see doctor’s state, whoever will go against him will get death. Veer is angry as he got deceived in love. Shivani has cheated him, and even Rangeela became his enemy. He says anyone supporting my enemy will be my enemy. Rangeela sees the doctor shot and comes in front of Veer. Rangeela and Veer have a confrontation. Rangeela asks Veer to kill him if he can, why did he take an innocent’s life. Veer laughs and asks Rangeela to get himself treated first, then talk big. Rangeela goes to remove the bullet from his leg on own. He heats the knife to remove bullet. Shivani cries and stops Rangeela. Shivani helps Rangeela and then does the aid to his wound. Veer wants to ruin Rangeela.


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