Simar to earn new life for Piyush in Sasural Simar Ka


Riddhima ties up Piyush with ropes and does the puja. She was going to kill Piyush by a sword. Simar stopped Riddhima and asks her why did she lie to her and got Piyush here. Riddhima says I had no option, I have to kill Kaal. Simar says Piyush is my son and pushes Riddhima. Everyone asks Simar to let Riddhima do anything, its some time to midnight now. Simar says I won’t let anything happen to Piyush. Riddhima says its Amavasya night, Kaal will get powerful and then none can stop him, let me kill him. Simar stands as shield and saves Piyush.

Piyush gets overpowered by Kaal. Simar, Mata ji and entire family witness the evil. Simar changes her mind and takes a step to protect her family. She gets Mata Rani’s trishul and hits Piyush. She has attacked on Piyush to kill Kaal. Piyush falls down. Will Piyush die by Simar’s hands? Roshni comes there and gets a huge shock seeing Piyush. She asks them how can they witness Piyush dying. She blames all of them to be responsible for Piyush’s death. She says you all lied to me and sent me away to kill Piyush, can anyone get Piyush back now.

Simar takes Piyush in her lap and sits crying. Simar has saved everyone by killing Piyush. Everyone cried for Piyush. Roshni loves Piyush a lot. She asks Simar did she had no devotion that she lost so soon and killed her son. Simar curses herself and says I did not raise question on Mata Rani, when I faced so much in my life, today I have killed my son, I will ask Mata Rani why did she made me do this. Roshni takes the sword to kill herself as she can’t live without Piyush. Everyone stop Piyush. Simar asks Mata Rani to do justice. Mata Rani gives a new life to Piyush. Piyush gets conscious. Everyone gets happy seeing Piyush fine.


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