Rangeela to encourage Shivani in Ghulaam


Rangeela is going to make a new start. Rangeela argues with Shivani and asks her to think of herself equal to men, then she can compete with men. He says even my mum used to feed me and sleep hungry, women should respect themselves first and then they can get respect from others. He advises Shivani to become bold and protect her self-respect. Choudhary is upset with Veer’s deeds. He does not get sleep. He tells Veer that he has done wrong. Veer says I can’t forgive Rangeela this time, don’t ask me to get him back.

Choudhary says it’s not about Rangeela, you have pointed gun at me, without thinking whatever you have is given to you by me. Veer asks his dad is he expressing his favors on him. Choudhary says it’s about us, I also know to shoot by gun, I m your father in relation and in shooting as well, how could you insult me in front of people. Veer says everyone gets whatever is written in fate, so stop bossing around. Veer gets stubborn to take revenge from Rangeela and Shivani.


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