Sam’s conspiracy to spoil Vikram-Anjali’s relation

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Media raises questions on Anjali’s character. Anjali and Vikram argue with the reporters. Anjali fell trapped in a big controversy. Reporter show the video of Sam and Anjali. They ask Anjali to answer them. Anjali has met Sam after he blocked her bank accounts. She was convincing Sam, who made the video to show her in wrong frame. Anjali tells Vikram that she went to meet Sam, but she did not do anything wrong, Sam is showing the video to defame her, she is not ashamed of anything, 18 crores matter a lot to her.

Vikram asks her to see her face, she has no shame at all. Anjali says Sam framed me, he did wrong, it’s not my mistake. Vikram says you gave him a chance to frame you, one day you will lose everything and have nothing to lose then. Anjali asks Vikram to shut up. They have an argument. Their relation suffers because of Sam’s conspiracy. Anjali is getting inclined to her modelling career than relations. Anjali does not want Vikram to shout on her. She has to make things fine now. She tells Vikram that she will not leave Sam now. She will clear her name from the controversy.

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