Shivay gets Naintara home in Ishqbaaz


Pinky feared that Shivay will know her plan and goes to change the DNA test reports. Shivay gets the DNA test results and understands someone is playing a dirty trick to use Anika’s emotions. Shivay decides to get Naintara home. Pinky is upset seeing Naintara’s tantrums. Naintara bosses around. The DNA test results get known to everyone. Shivay tells Anika about the DNA results coming positive. He winks to Anika and asks her to see positive reports, DNA is matching, Anika is really Naintara’s daughter. Shivay signs Anika to act along with him. Pinky gets into an argument with Naintara.

Naintara taunts Pinky that times changed now, Anika has kicked me out of house some time before, but your son got me back with respect. Pinky asks her to get out. Naintara is not leaving any chance to insult Pinky. Shivay is silent seeing their arguments. There is much drama happening. Shivay will find out Pinky’s conspiracy. He has got Naintara home, as Sahil is in Naintara’s clutches. Shivay and Anika plan to reveal Naintara’s real motives.


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