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Sasural Simar Ka: Media raises questions on Anjali’s character. Anjali and Vikram argue with the reporters. Anjali fell trapped in a big controversy. Reporter show the video of Sam and Anjali. They ask Anjali to answer them. Anjali has met Sam after he blocked her bank accounts. She was convincing Sam, who made the video to show her in wrong frame. Anjali tells Vikram that she went to meet Sam, but she did not do anything wrong, Sam is showing the video to defame her, she is not ashamed of anything, 18 crores matter a lot to her.

Ghulaam: Rangeela is going to make a new start. Rangeela argues with Shivani and asks her to think of herself equal to men, then she can compete with men. He says even my mum used to feed me and sleep hungry, women should respect themselves first and then they can get respect from others. He advises Shivani to become bold and protect her self-respect. Choudhary is upset with Veer’s deeds. He does not get sleep. He tells Veer that he has done wrong. Veer says I can’t forgive Rangeela this time, don’t ask me to get him back.

Udaan: Suraj gets headache. Imli gets the balm for Imli. Suraj asks him to be away, he is fine. She says you look much worried, I got the balm, let me apply balm for friendship’s sake, else we have another relation of master and bandhua. He says I don’t want any balm, leave me. He gets hurt. She asks him to sit quiet now. Imli and Suraj take care of each other. They appear happy to Chakor. The misunderstandings are increasing. Chakor shatters seeing them close. Imli and Suraj laugh. Chakor sheds tears and runs away.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:
Gitanjali comes in her birthday party and shocks everyone. Abhimanyu can’t believe Chamki is portraying Gitanjali so well. Abhimanyu planned and gave responsibility to Choti Maa to make Chamki as Gitanjali. Choti Maa and Kavya groomed Chamki very well.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Aryan tells Thapki that Bani got to know their relation truth. Aryan says Bani is trying to know if I m her real father or not, she is embarrassing me with her plans, when I m getting hesitant, she is doubting on me. Bani takes Thapki’s avatar and talks to Aryan, to know Aryan’s truth. Aryan tries his best to hide the truth. Aryan is giving tests to maintain peace in Thapki’s life. Kosi and Bani lock up Thapki to get the truth out.


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