Adi on verge of revealing truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya does not like the gulab jamuns made by Adi and praises the sweets to keep his heart. Adi takes the sweets and realizes how badly he made the sweets. Aaliya tells him true meaning of love, its to accept anything of the partner, good and bad. She wants Adi to trust her always. She tells him she is very lucky to get him as life partner and she trusts him a lot. Adi gets emotional hearing her. Raman comes downstairs to meet Mani. Shagun asks him to sit in room, else they all will get conjunctivitis. Raman asks Shagun to stop the drama. Ishita does not let Adi use Raman’s kerchief. Ishita asks Shagun not to say anything to Raman, he is much upset to skip dinner.

Adi feels he is cheating Aaliya, who trusts him a lot. He thinks to tell truth to Aaliya but does not have courage. Raman and Ishita get into an argument. She leaves from her room. She sees Adi drunk and upset. Adi feels guilty and apologizes to her. She asks him what wrong thing did he do. He tells her about the big guilt on his heart. He shares his sorrow with Ishita. He gets close to reveal the truth to Ishita. He falls asleep. Will Adi speak up his marriage truth? Keep reading.


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