Soumya to express her love in Shakti


Soumya sees Harman arguing with the director. She asks Harman what’s the need to do all this. They have a cute argument. He has left all his comforts for her sake. He says if anyone tells wrong about you, I will not be quiet and beat the person. The party gets dramatic because of Harman’s fight.

Harman can’t hear anything wrong about Soumya. The world does not understand his selfless love for Soumya. Harman and Soumya have a romantic moment. She asks him never to say bad about himself and hugs him. Soumya’s tears show her love. Harman is glad. Soumya tells him that she will die before anything happens to her. He says you don’t talk to me with love or hug me, its better I die. She gets restless hearing him. She asks him to promise he will never say this again. He asks her to answer him and say she loves him. Soumya expresses her love.


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