Rangeela’s fight for justice begins in Ghulaam


Rangeela opposes Veer. Veer does not let Rangeela get any ration. Rangeela entered the haveli at night. He removes the power fuse to trouble Veer. Rashmi and her husband get the food for Rangeela. Rangeela gets glad knowing he is not alone in his fight. Rangeela gets troubled by Gulguli. Veer and Rangeela’s face off will be seen. Their enmity will get high.

Shivani explains Rangeela to leave from Berahampur. Rangeela says women are always insulted in Berahampur, I will not leave from here and fight for the women bearing injustice. She asks why does he want to stay here, what does he want to prove. He asks her did she not see the lady who got food for him, the lady was threatened not to help him, still she has made her choice to support humanity, I have left being Veer’s slave, I will also support humanity, I will stop the injustice happening with many ladies, I will stay here and end this tortures. Rangeela has many helpers in Berahampur.

Rangeela has helped everyone in some phase of his life. Veer has asked everyone not to help Rangeela, still people are hiding and passing food to Rangeela. Veer plans to kill Shivani, so that Rangeela’s courage breaks. He says I will torture Rangeela so much that he becomes his servant again, no one in coming generation can go against me. Jageer tells Choudhary that Rangeela entered the haveli and did this with us, you always said Rangeela is raised by us, he is ours. Choudhary says Rangeela has done a mistake to come this way. Jageer says it’s not a small mistake, it’s a sin, you have to punish him, I have fire and petrol, come with me, we will burn Rangeela along with this house. He convinces Choudhary to kill Rangeela.


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