Sting operation twist to defame Harman in Shakti


Harman and Soumya come in the party of film release. The hero of the film makes a sting video and plays in the party. Everyone point fingers at Harman after seeing Harman getting intimate with the film heroine. The hero tells Harman that it’s not any lie, its sting operation, it’s totally true. Harman asks what’s this nonsense. The hero tries playing smart. He has shot Harman and heroine’s pic in wrong way. He thought Soumya will get angry seeing the pics, but it does not happen so. She says for me, my husband is a true person.

Soumya tells Harman that he will always be her husband. She trusts him a lot. She does not want any justification from his side. Her belief in Harman is her strength. Director praises Harman and Soumya’s relation. Hero laughs on Soumya, who has blind belief on her husband. He taunts on Soumya that maybe she is also like Harman, so she does not care for Harman’s affair. Harman loses temper and beats the hero. He asks the hero to say anything about him, but not say anything about Soumya. Soumya stops Harman and takes him.


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