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Ghulaam: Shivani explains Rangeela to leave from Berahampur. Rangeela says women are always insulted in Berahampur, I will not leave from here and fight for the women bearing injustice. She asks why does he want to stay here, what does he want to prove. He asks her did she not see the lady who got food for him, the lady was threatened not to help him, still she has made her choice to support humanity, I have left being Veer’s slave, I will also support humanity, I will stop the injustice happening with many ladies, I will stay here and end this tortures. Rangeela has many helpers in Berahampur.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Arbind meets Kanak and tells her something shocking, that Bhabho has herself named the shop Kanak Mishtaan Bhandaar to Uma Shankar, Uma is not fraud, the papers are genuine and Bhabho’s sign is not forged by anyone. He tells Kanak that Bhabho has signed the papers, there would be some mystery behind this. Kanak gets a huge shock and wonders how she landed in a forced marriage to get Bhabho’s shop, but now this revelation came in front. Arbind asks Kanak to go Pushkar and tell everything the truth.

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Swabhimaan: Meghna cries as her sorrow is getting high. Kunal goes to convince her. They have an argument. Kunal pacifies her. They have annoyance between them. Meghna beats Kunal and sheds tears. She wants her husband’s support. She gets angry on him. She asks Kunal why did he not tell her about Karan’s illness before. Kunal says we promised each other to support each other. She says all our promised got broken now. She says Kunal should have told her the entire truth, he did not say Karan’s serious truth.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Aditya has cancelled the business merger. Entire family is worried for Goenka company. Manish wants Kartik to work for his company. Kartik sees Manish begging to someone on call. He is hurt seeing Manish emotionally breaking down. He loves Manish. Naira asks Kartik to help Manish in business. Kartik does not want to leave Singhania company. Kartik sits worried and thinks of the merger cancellation effects. He thinks how will Goenka company balance this. He does not want to work in Goenka company. He can’t bear Manish shattered. He blames Manish for hurting his mum, but he has love hidden in his heart.


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