Aditya pledges to ruin Goenkas in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

Aditya points at Naksh and Kirti’s affair. He asks everyone to see truth by their eyes. He tries to prove Kirti at fault. Kartik trusts Kirti, and Naira trusts Naksh. Naksh tries to clarify things. Aditya fools them by worse lies. Naksh asks Aditya to shut up, how can he involve his wife in such dirty blame. Aditya asks them to ask Naksh how did he get Kirti’s earring. Naira shouts on Aditya asking him to stay in his limits. Dadi gets silent. Naira defends Aditya. Aditya shouts on Naira’s ill manners. He asks Kartik’s family to see Naksh’s doings. He angers Naksh and Kartik by his words. Kartik asks Aditya to stop it. Aditya asks Kirti how can she cheat him because of Nash. He holds Kirti responsible for everyone. He tells Kirti that everyone will know his truth some day. He threatens Manish of the bad days coming. Manish receives a shock. Naksh swears he is innocent. Naksh fell in the trap which he never imagined. Naira asks him to have courage, truth will come out.

Naira explains Manish about Aditya’s lie. She asks him to trust Kirti, who has tolerated so much for family sake. Naitik and family get to know Aditya’s blames. Baisa feels Goenkas may not trust Naksh. Naitik says it will be like not trusting Kirti. Aditya decides to hire a big lawyer and leak Kirti and Naksh’s affair news to media. Naira can’t believe Aditya’s deed. Kartik calls the driver to know truth. Manish talks to Naitik and is disappointed by the happening. Naitik feels Manish does not trust Naksh and gets worried. Kartik and Naira go to find truth. Aditya comes back in Kirti’s life saying he is doing a big favor on her. He wants to make Manish apologize to him. Manish takes a decision and meets Aditya. Kartik misunderstands Manish and thinks Manish is favoring Aditya, calling him home. Kartik gets his anger out on Manish. He blames Manish to break his trust always. Manish surprises Kartik, by favoring Kirti and breaking ties with Aditya. Kartik and Naira kick out Aditya from home. Aditya threatens to ruin Goenkas.


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