Maya replays her childhood in Beyhadh


Maya cries and hugs her mum, apologizing for all her mistakes. She has tortured Jhanvi before. She tells Jhanvi that she loves her a lot, and did all this in anger. Jhanvi cries. Maya thinks of her childhood and Jhanvi’s care. She asks Jhanvi why did she not take any step against Ashwin, why did she not hear her screams before. She dresses as a child and reminds Jhanvi the trauma she faced in childhood. She did not wish to hurt Jhanvi. Jhanvi is unable to explain Maya.

Maya poses such tough questions for Jhanvi, that makes Jhanvi feel she is at fault. Maya is herself much hurt. She just wants to blackmail Arjun by using Jhanvi. She hopes to get Arjun’s love and sympathy. Maya stops Arjun from going and meeting Saanjh. She does not give him permission. Arjun tells her that he is not asking for her permission, he will do what he wants. Maya tries to stop him and comes in his way. Arjun moves her away and leaves to meet Saanjh. Maya feels lonely and sheds tears.


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