Swapped brides twist in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Two couples will be seen getting married. Bani and Tina get dressed as the brides. Bani was marrying Munna, while Tina’s marriage was fixed with Samar. Kosi feeds the curd to Bani and Tina, and makes them drunk by the medicines added. Kosi swaps the brides. Tina and Munna get married, while Bani gets married to Samar. Vasundara lifts Bani’s ghunghat seeing her stumble. Samar gets shocked seeing Bani as his bride. The marriage gets a big twist. Vasundara, Thapki and Aryan get shocked seeing the bride swapping.

Vasundara gets angry on Kosi. Kosi says I have not done this, Thapki has done this. She shows the video, where Bani dressed as Thapki is seen being responsible for cheating them. Thapki realizes Bani is in the video in her disguise and accepts the blame. Vasundara angrily slaps Thapki, and says I can’t believe that Thapki can fall so low. She scolds Thapki for ruining her daughter’s life. Tina gets heartbroken and tells Thapki that she will break her relation with Thapki, who has made a huge damage to her life.



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