High Five Spoilers

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ghulaam: Veer has fallen much low. He wants to take revenge from Rangeela and torturing his mum. Veer ties Rangeela’s mum to his mum to his jeep and takes her to the village. Rangeela’s mum gets scared and shouts for help. Rangeela and Shivani get shocked seeing the moment. Rangeela jumps into the jeep and kicks down Veer. He frees his mum. Shivani feels guilty to be responsible for all this tortures. Veer wants to hurt Rangeela’s heart. He knows Rangeela’s mum is his weakness. He finds this way to torture Rangeela. Rangeela acts heroic and outdoes Veer in his plan without fighting. They both have a war and upset each other.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai: Gitanjali gets property papers to Abhimanyu. She wants Abhimanyu to sign on the papers. She romances with him. She takes Abhimanyu’s signs on the papers. She does not know that Abhimanyu knows his truth. Abhimanyu is mesmerized seeing her. Gitanjali worries and does not want to fall weak seeing Abhimanyu.


Meghna and Naina are fulfilling their mum in law’s dreams. They gift Nirmala a special chance to fulfill her dreams. Nirmala gets surprised seeing all the musical instruments. Meghna is happy to fulfill Nirmala’s wish. Karan is happy seeing Naina support Nirmala. Nirmala has many memories with the musical instruments. Nirmala gets happy to see the things she lost 25 years ago. She is scared to show her talents to Meghna and Naina. She does not want Nandkishore to get upset. Meghna realizes Nirmala is hiding her true talents to stop them.

Saathiya: Sita is crying knowing Ricky’s marriage news. She shares her sorrow with Jaggi. He explains her that some things are not in their control, whatever is happening is by Lord’s wish, whatever happens is for good. He knows Sita loves Ricky and wants to marry him. Sita was taking care of Ricky. She is hurt as Ricky is marrying his friend. Ricky’s Daima makes food for Jaggi. Jaggi sees Daima cooking in kitchen. He doubts that Daima is doing something wrong. He can’t find out her plans. Daima sees Jaggi spying on her. She says Jaggi can keep an eye on me, but he can’t know my plans. She does not want Jaggi to recover.

Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni gets a doubt on her brothers. She goes to spy on them to know Tau ji’s death mystery. She hears their conversation. Munni was worried knowing Bau ji’s bracelet was found with Tau ji’s dead body. She could not accept this truth. She does not want to believe the evidences against Bau ji. She wants to get this confirmed. Pratap’s wife saves Munni from pushing her away. Bau ji sees Pratap’s wife outside the door and shouts on Pratap to control his wife and stop her from spying on them. Pratap’s wife wants Munni to know the secrets, which her brothers are hiding. Munni fails to hear the truth.


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