Avni succeeds to break Neil-Riya’s relation in Naamkarann


Neela and everyone welcome Neil’s family for the mehendi function. Neela tells Avni that they have to break Riya and Neil’s marriage anyway in Dayavanti’s absence. She plans to auction the house also. Neil thinks to get Avni’s truth out. Avni asks Neela can marriage be successful without love. Neela says love is the foundation of marriage, else it can never be successful. Avni wonders if Neil and Riya don’t love each other. Riya hears Avni and Neil. Avni asks Neil to cancel the marriage, but not play with Riya’s emotions. Riya gets angry hearing Avni. Avni and Riya get the mehendi applied. Riya gets affected by bad mehendi and gets her anger out on Avni.

Neil stops Riya from raising hand on Avni. He asks Riya to apologize to Avni. Riya feels Neil does not love her, as he stood by Ananya’s side, not her. Riya tries to explain Neil that Avni is ruining their marriage. Dayavanti makes an entry home, shocking Avni and Neela. Dayavanti tells Ketan that the marriage should have no hurdles. Avni meets Ali and tells them that Dayavanti has come back. They make a plan to stop the marriage and instigate Riya. Ali meets Riya and brainwashes her to think of her self respect. He convinces Riya to break the marriage.

Riya runs away from the house. Ali and Avni’s plan got succeeded. Ali says I lost my phone and got it now, Riya called me many times, I m unable to track her now, don’t know where did she go. Avni hopes Riya is fine. She thinks where did Riya go. Ali then manages to talk to Riya. He apologizes to her and asks her where did she reach. He asks Riya to wait for him, he is reaching. Ali tells Avni that he will take Riya somewhere till marriage matter ends. Avni wants to stop Riya and Neil’s marriage. Neil gets the DNA test done and gets to know Ananya is Avni. Avni and Neil will get married and then their love story will begin.


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