Blood-bond revelation calls for more trouble in Ghulaam


Rangeela teaches a lesson to Veer. He says a sensible person is one who does not repeat his mistake. Rangeela ties up Veer to the tree. Veer’s life is in Rangeela’s hand now. Rangeela says I have my mum’s blessings today, you insulted Shivani on Swayamvar day, I was silent as I was your slave, I did not say anything and got beaten up by you, I will not be quiet today. It’s a turning point in Rangeela’s life. He has stood against Veer. He can’t bear his mum’s humiliation by Veer. Veer gets hurt by the rope noose in neck.

Rangeela asks Veer to apologize to his mum. Veer refuses to Rangeela and tries to save himself. Rangeela says I told you I will change Berahampur once I leave from your haveli gate, now if you want to go alive from here, you have to apologize to my mum. Choudhary stops Rangeela and holds Veer in lap. He asks Rangeela to leave Veer, who is getting much breathless. He breaks the truth that Veer is Rangeela’s brother. The blood relations stop Rangeela from taking Veer’s life.

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Everyone question Choudhary why did he keep Rangeela in the haveli as Ghulaam, if Rangeela was his son. Rangeela spares Veer’s life after knowing the truth. Choudhary asks Veer to come with him, he will see what wrong happened with him. Veer questions Choudhary over his concern for his illegitimate son Rangeela. Choudhary asks Veer to mind his tongue while talking to his father. What will be Rangeela’s next move? Keep reading.


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