Kartik to counter Aditya’s plans in Yeh Rishta…


Naira is worried for Dadi. She tells Kartik about the problems at home. She tries to be normal in front of Kirti. Kirti asks Naira not to fool her and keep things as it is. Kirti knows what her family is facing. Naira tells Suwarna that Dadi is in much tension. Even Manish and Akhilesh worry for the merger. Akhilesh fears that their business will suffer if Aditya withdraws the merger. Manish asks him to find some way. Kartik realizes Manish is trying his best to keep his Goenka name and business. Kartik worries for Manish for the first time. Dadi keeps the fast and prays that Kirti’s married life gets fine. Naira calls Devyaani home. Devyaani explains Dadi about the marriage which is just kept for society’s sake, it leads to just unhappiness and tears.

Devyaani asks Dadi to support Kirti if she really cares for her. Kirti asks Devyaani not to force Dadi for anything. Kirti supports Dadi. She does not want Dadi to suffer by her divorce. She tells Dadi that she will go to Aditya to make things fine for her family. Kirti is ready to sacrifice her happiness. Naira and Suwarna worry for Kirti. Dadi tells Kirti that she can’t send her back to Aditya and breaks her fast. Naira and Suwarna get glad by Dadi’s decision. Naira calls and informs Kartik. Naira finds Kartik worried. She makes him smile. Manish feels unwell. Kartik realizes Manish needs support. He knows Manish is managing all the things alone. Aditya tracks Kirti to pose new problems. Kartik sees Manish answering people for the business losses. Manish fails to handle all the stress. Manish decides to sell off the house. Kartik opposes Manish’s decision. Kartik decides to join the family business to become Manish’s aide in tough time.


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