Raj to rescue Rani from unknown dangers

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Rani sees some thieves taking temple jewelry. The thieves see Rani witnessing their crime. They try to bury her in the wall so that she does not tell anyone about their crimes. The thieves are Rani’s new enemy. Rani is tied up and put inside a brick wall. Rani manages to shout. Raj hears her and gets a shock seeing her inside the brick wall. Raj and Rani’s love story is ending on a sad note. Rani’s breath starts dropping.

Raj asks her how did this happen and asks her to open her eyes. Raj tries to break the bricks wall. He manages to break the wall by his hands. He injures himself, but saves Rani. Rani has a soft corner for Raj. They both are much hurt seeing each other’s pain. Rani sees his hand bleeding and cries feeling his pain. Rani tears her dupatta to tie it to Raj’s hand. The thieves twist bring Rani and Raj closer.

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