Twists lined during Oberois’ aarti and Kulgotra puja in Ishqbaaz


Oberoi family has a discussion about entering Gauri and Anika’s names in Kulpatri. They all decide to keep Kulgotra puja for both the bahus. The brothers get together and do a special aarti puja. Oberoi brothers show their unity, like seen in the first episode of Ishqbaaz. Shivay walks in with Anika. They make a plan to bring Naintara’s truth out. They are trying to find who is backing up Naintara from Oberoi family. Naintara gets a shock when Anika tells her that some goons have come outside, they are making a huge demand to hide her truth. Naintara worries and thinks to take Shivay’s help. Shivay avoids Naintara and goes to sit in puja.

Naintara then goes to Pinky to ask her money. Naintara gets trapped in Anika’s plan. Shivay and Anika are troubled by Naintara. Everyone does not know who has sent Naintara. Shivay and Anika holds hands, and have a moment. The brothers too have funny moments like before. Rudra does mischief to spread laughter at home. Omkara-Gauri, Shivay-Anika sit for the Kulgotra puja. Anika sees Naintara making a call to someone and leaving from house. Anika follows Naintara to know who is involved in her plan. Pinky’s plan will be getting exposed. What will be Shivay’s reaction knowing his mum’s blunder? Keep reading.


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