Soumya pleads Preeto to help Harman in Shakti


Soumya comes home at night and calls out Preeto. Everyone come out hearing Soumya. She begs them for help, but could not melt their hearts. Everyone dislike Soumya and does not agree to help her. Soumya gets kicked out. Preeto and everyone is worried as Harman has got arrested. Soumya says Harman is framed, don’t punish him because of me, save him. Soumya is troubled by the family. She requests them to think of Harman. She expected that they will not help her, as they are standing against her, but she thought to ask them for help for Harman’s sake.

Preeto shows her annoyance to Mata Rani and asks why did you do this with a mum, I will get my son, even if you sit silent, I will not sit silent. She challenges Mata Rani that she will get her son. She cries out her pain. She has much sorrow. She can’t see Harman troubled by police. Soumya asks Preeto to help. Soumya asks Preeto to get Harman out of jail. Preeto does not get ready to help Soumya. Everyone scolds Soumya. Soumya is thrown out of the house. Soumya thinks why did Preeto not get ready to help Harman. Preeto blames Soumya for snatching her son. Inspector asks Harman to have tea, maybe next time he won’t get any tea, or he could have got hanged. He scares Harman that he won’t be spared in the murder case. Harman is sure that nothing will happen to him, as he is not wrong.


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