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Jaat Ki Jugni:
Bittu and Munni are falling in love. Bittu gifts her a bunch of roses. They have a romantic moment. Munni is understanding Bittu well and listening to him. Bittu is feeling happy that she believes him more than Bau ji. Bittu thinks of his love life. Bittu dreams of Munni. Munni cries seeing Tau ji’s funeral. She thinks Bittu is responsible for all this. Bittu thinks if he tells anyone about Tau ji’s death, they will get sorrowful about the matter. He plans to tell everyone after Jyoti’s marriage. Munni gets to see Bittu there and thinks he has killed Bau ji. Bittu explains her that he has not done anything, and better than fighting, they should find out who has killed Bau ji.

There is much drama going on in Ishqbaaz. Naintara is taunting Anika, while Gauri faints during the puja. Everyone gathers for the kulgotra puja. Omkara does not want to leave his hand impressions along with Gauri, but he has to do the ritual. Omkara and Gauri leave their hand impressions on the board, followed by Anika and Shivay doing the rituals. They leave the haldi foot impressions on the marble.

Mere Angne Mein:
Aarti and Rani meet the goons, who tease Aarti on the way. Aarti had left the house to avoid marrying Amit. Aarti can’t go against Shanti. She does not want to marry Amit either. She gets troubled by goons, but Rani comes to her rescue.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush tells Sarika that he loves her, but there is a big misunderstanding at home. He manages the matter and hides his love from everyone. Dipika makes plan to meet Sarika at her house. Dev tells Dipika that they can’t have any food at groom’s house. Dipika advises them that they can go to Sarika’s house and cook food there. He did not know Dipika will be there. Piyush acts clever, but his plan fails. Sarika gets angry hearing Piyush and scolds him.


Avni meets Riya. Riya asks Avni why is she doing this. Riya cries and tells Avni how Dayavanti has beaten her when she opposed to marry. Avni tells her that she should not marry if she not happy. Riya says Dayavanti can go to any extent to fulfill her motives. Avni says you are the key to treasures for her, she won’t let anything happen to you. She goes to meet Dayavanti and settle scores. Avni shoots Dayavanti.


Arjun and Maya have a romantic moment. Arjun lifts her and takes her to room. Maya showers him with love. Maya says much wrong happened with me, I did not try to make it right, today I want to make everything right. She asks him not to put her down. They have happiness after long time. Samay comes to meet Maya. Samay gets the proof of Arjun’s betrayal. Maya gets angry seeing the picture of Arjun and Saanjh. Samay wanted to win Maya’s love by showing Arjun and Saanjh’s relation.


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