Daima to frame Sameera in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky and Sameera come home drenched in rain. They dry their clothes. Sameera shows off her back. Jaggi says Ram Ram, what else can I say seeing this, it’s better I sit in my room and chant Ram’s name, as Ricky and Sameera are spoiling the environment. Sameera’s brother adds fuel in he fire and angers Kokila. Modi family get embarrassed because of Sameera. Sameera finds the family weird, that modern clothing annoys them. She intentionally wears such clothes to make them irritated. Ricky also feels it’s getting too much now. Gopi goes to get medicines for Jaggi. She sees Daima adding something in the oil that does not help Jaggi recover soon. Gopi asks Daima to answer. Daima lies that she was doing this on Sameera’s saying, she did not know these medicines are harmful for him. She asks why will I harm Jaggi, it’s not that medicine which my doctor gave that day.

Gopi asks why will Sameera try to harm Jaggi. Kokila asks Daima is this true whatever Gopi is saying, don’t lie. Daima says I want good for Jaggi. Gopi calls Sameera and asks her about harming Jaggi. She asks Sameera to tell truth to everyone. She says Sameera wanted Jaggi to be on wheelchair forever, why did she do this, why does she want Jaggi to stay handicapped. She says Daima has told me everything. Sameera asks Gopi what’s the proof I have done this, did you see me adding power in the oil. She asks Gopi to come and scold her, only when she has the proof. Kokila says this war between me and Sameera will not lose so soon, if Sameera does not lose, I will not let her win. Daima has got exposed now. Daima can’t help Ricky. Gopi will find out Jaggi’s enemy soon.


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