Pari and Khushi begin plotting in Sasural Simar Ka


Pari takes the money from the locker. Roshni and Ananya stay as sisters. Pari does not like this. Khushi also wants to break the house. Pari wants to get Ananya on their side. They make plan to separate Roshni and Ananya. They don’t want Ananya to become like Simar. Khushi says we have to explain them the relation of sister-in-law, else their sisterly bond can be trouble for us. Khushi provokes Pari so that Pari does some huge drama at home. Pari shows the money and says my bahu can never refuse to me because of Roshni.

Khushi praises Pari for fooling Ananya. They make plans to spend much money. Ananya comes there and explains Pari with love. She takes the keys from Pari. Pari says I have to give you some tips being your mum in law, these keys are of locker, it means you have power in hands. Ananya says I thought to make list of house expenses and make work easier. She asks Pari if she has bill of the money she has taken for Aarav’s fees. Pari asks Ananya will she take accounts from her now. She sends off Ananya.


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