Revengeful Shivdutt to stab Chandrakanta


Shivdutt goes mad in his revenge. After humiliating Chandrakanta in the Sabha, he threatens to kill Chandrakanta. He keeps the sword at her neck. He has caged the king and queen. Virendra comes in Shivdutt’s palace to free Chandrakanta. Shivdutt captures Virendra. Chandrakanta fights with the soldiers. Chandrakanta asks Virendra to get up and attack Shivdutt. Shivdutt angrily stabs Chandrakanta.

Virendra gets a shock seeing her falling and holds her in arms. Virendra cries and expresses her love for Chandrakanta. He can’t bear the sight of his love dying in his arms. Shivdutt laughs and feels he has succeeded in killing Chandrakanta and ending her love story. Chandrakanta makes an entry and tells Shivdutt that one he has stabbed is her Ayyar. She joins Virendra to teach a lesson to Shivdutt.


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