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Saathiya: Ricky and Sameera come home drenched in rain. They dry their clothes. Sameera shows off her back. Jaggi says Ram Ram, what else can I say seeing this, it’s better I sit in my room and chant Ram’s name, as Ricky and Sameera are spoiling the environment. Sameera’s brother adds fuel in he fire and angers Kokila. Modi family get embarrassed because of Sameera. Sameera finds the family weird, that modern clothing annoys them. She intentionally wears such clothes to make them irritated. Ricky also feels it’s getting too much now.

The villagers ask Devanshi to keep a 10 day fast, believing that her fast will get rains in the village. She tells them that her fasts will not call any rains, it will happen as per nature. She fails to explain them. The villagers got superstitious and troubling Devanshi, regarding her Mata. They don’t listen to Devanshi. Kusum has come back as Menka’s old Bua. Kusum has got her evil puppet Menka and troubling Devanshi.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush and his family have a meet with Dipika and her family. Piyush’s dad sings a romantic song for his wife and makes the get together happening.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Bittu apologizes to Munni in his unique way. He passes the lassi to Munni by the rope. Bittu ends her annoyance. He does not want to see Munni sad. Munni smiles seeing his idea. Munni’s mood changes and she gets affected by his sweetness. She was upset for Tau ji’s death. She wants to sort out things. Bittu lightens up her mood. He holds ears and asks her to answer his call. He tries to make her normal. They talk over phone. Bittu and Munni will solve Tau ji’s murder mystery soon.


Shivdutt goes mad in his revenge. After humiliating Chandrakanta in the Sabha, he threatens to kill Chandrakanta. He keeps the sword at her neck. He has caged the king and queen. Virendra comes in Shivdutt’s palace to free Chandrakanta. Shivdutt captures Virendra. Chandrakanta fights with the soldiers. Chandrakanta asks Virendra to get up and attack Shivdutt. Shivdutt angrily stabs Chandrakanta.


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