Udaan to see a new entry of Inspector Ajay Khurana


The goons were teasing a girl. Chakor sees this and stops them. The goon teases Chakor and snatches her mangalsutra. She gets angry seeing her mangalsutra breaking. Chakor gets troubled by the goons. She beats them up single-handedly. The villagers witness Chakor’s bravery. Chakor saves the girl’s respect. She fights like a hero. Chakor shows her Dabangg avatar. New inspector’s entry has happened. Inspector Ajay sees Chakor beating the goons and gets impressed by her. He thinks she is unmarried and falls in love with her at first sight. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He enjoys her fight scene.

She comes to him and takes the revolver from him. He just stares at her, and likes whatever she is doing. She makes the goons run away. The villagers praise her and chant her name. Ajay has never seen such a Dabangg girl like this. He feels she is equal to him in every way. He did not see such a bold and beautiful girl in his life till now. Ajay Khurana is an honest cop. He will bring changes in the corrupt village. Chakor and Suraj will be supporting Ajay in stopping Ragini’s business. Ajay is also a Dabangg inspector. He is ready for everything. He has got transferred many times as he is honest. Now, he will be ending crimes in Aazaadgunj.


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