Anika fails to prove her point in Ishqbaaz


Shivay could not believe that Pinky has done all this plotting. Pinky gets Shivay’s attention, while she falls down the stairs intentionally. She names Naintara for trying to kill Sahil. Sahil runs to Anika and tells about Naintara trying to kill him, but Pinky saved him. Shivay gets his anger on Naintara. He tells everyone that Naintara is not Anika’s mum. He exposes Naintara. Anika blames Pinky to be the mastermind. Shivay asks Anika to see Pinky has saved Sahil, Naintara has kidnapped Sahil. Anika says I have seen Pinky and Naintara together. Naintara clears Pinky’s name from the matter. She asks Anika why does she want to separate Shivay and Pinky. She praises Pinky for keeping her and Sahil home. Anika gets trapped by Naintara and Pinky. Pinky acts to fall unwell by Anika’s blames. Shivay gets against Anika.

Anika goes to meet Pinky. Pinky admits that she has done all this planning, as she hates Anika a lot. She does not want Anika to be around Shivay. She feels Anika is not suitable for Shivay. Anika gets a huge shock seeing Pinky’s true side. Anika asks Pinky why is she insecure, she should trust her son. Pinky vents her anger on Anika for making Shivay forget his mum. Pinky does not want Anika in Shivay’s life.


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