Bhabhimaa to know Bittu-Munni’s connection in Jaat Ki Jugni


Munni is in tension as evidences are against Bau ji. She wants to solve the mystery and know truth. She is innocent and will believe Bau ji again. Bhabhimaa finds her worried. Munni lies that everything is fine. Bhabhimaa asks her about Bittu. Bittu calls Munni. Bhabhimaa asks her to answer the call, why is she hiding the phone. She asks Munni why is Bittu calling him at night, what’s going on. Munni says I don’t know anything.

Bhabhimaa asks who knows then, tell me the matter. Bau ji comes there. Bhabhimaa does not tell this to Bau ji. Pratap’s wife supports Munni. Munni says its important for me to know truth, you have to tell me. Pratap’s wife asks her to go and find truth herself, she can’t tell anything. Munni leaves from home to meet Bittu, and reach some conclusion.



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