Neil-Avni’s marriage to shock Dayavanti in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni and Hetal make the plans. Avni tells Neela that once Dayavanti gets the cheque of the deal, she will take Aman and go away. Hetal asks Neela to take the ropes and tie up Riya. Riya gets surprised. Riya gets tied by them. Hetal tells Riya that she is doing this for her betterment. Avni gets dressed as the bride. Hetal fools Dayavanti and sends Avni in Riya’s place. Neil is marrying Riya and is much happy. Neil gets his baraat. Neil’s family dances in the baraat.

Dayavanti gets the bride and makes her sit in the mandap beside Riya. The bride has the ghunghat put on. Neil does not know Avni is sitting as the bride. Avni changes Riya and sits in the mandap. Neil and Avni’s marriage gets completed. Dayavanti will get to know about Neil and Avni’s marriage. Shweta gets into an argument with Dayavanti about the bride swapping. Dayavanti’s plans to get business deal with Prakash and save her house will be ruined. How will Dayavanti accept the shocking twist? Keep reading.


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