Parallel tracks to add good dose of drama in Oberoi Special


Ranveer calls up Priyanka to win her trust and heart again. She does not want to listen to him. He asks her to meet and get the hospital bills amount back. She refuses to meet him. Priyanka and Pinky go to the market for shop for mehendi and haldi. Kamini makes a plan to meet Priyanka. Pinky sees Kamini and comes in between. She gets a chance to humiliate Kamini in the public place. She warns Kamini not to be around Priyanka.

Rudra takes Bhavya to his friend. His friend tells him that Bhavya is not his girlfriend. Rudra recalls how he promised his friend that he will get his would be bride any way. He got mistaken about Bhavya. He gets glad that Bhavya is single and he can make her his love. Rudra starts liking Bhavya. Rudra tries to use his charm on Bhavya.

Shivay gets upset with Anika for her mistake. He asks her to accept mistake. Anika does not accept her mistake. He does not listen any word against Pinky. They get into an argument. Omkara finds Shivay upset. Gauri becomes Anika’s support. Anika tells Gauri what happened. She shares the problem. Gauri shows her belief in Anika. She says Shivay and Anika’s relation has much strength, it won’t suffer anytime. Anika finds Gauri similar to her. They feel like having a sisterly bond. Shivay feels sorry to hurt Anika emotionally. Omkara pacifies Shivay. Omkara and Gauri try to bring Shivay and Anika closer. Anika hears Shivay’s regretting his words. Shivay feels Anika is much strong to handle Naintara’s matter so well. Anika and Shivay apologize to each other.


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