Preeto’s plotting gets known in Shakti

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Harak and Preeto have sent Harman to jail. Soumya and Surbhi get to know this shocking truth. Soumya gets Surbhi, Dadi and Saaya’s support. They all think how did the big lawyer change in final moment. Saaya can’t understand why the lawyer changed his mind. Surbhi also evaluates Preeto’s doings. Dadi says Harman has done a murder, we have to prove this wrong. They don’t understand what happened. Chandu calls Soumya and tells her that the goon who got killed by Harman is not dead, it was all a drama, Preeto and Harak were talking on call, they have framed Harman.

Maninder comes home and asks Saaya will she stay here to ruin his respect completely. He asks Saaya to leave from the house. Surbhi tries to explain. Saaya stops Surbhi from making efforts. She asks Soumya to take care, she will try to find out the truth. They have to now find the man who mocked his death, only then Harman’s innocence can be proved.

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