Sting operation on Vivaan and Ragini next in Udaan


Vivaan and Ragini decide to bribe Ajay. They go to meet him. Ragini alerts him that someone is following them, the place does not look good and something is wrong. He asks her to leave all this and think of Ajay, who chose this place leaving the village. She says Ajay is very clever to call us here. They meet Ajay and praise him. Ragini says policemen should learn to do business like you. Vivaan says we would have got some other way, when you caught our truck, we understood you are not a small fish, but a shark, who wants much money. Vivaan offers him 10 lakhs. Ajay kicks the bag and throws the money. Vivaan and Ragini get a shock seeing his reaction.

Ajay catches them in the sting operation. Constable records Vivaan and Ragini bribing Ajay. Ajay asks staff to arrest Vivaan and Ragini. Vivaan says you don’t know what we can do, leave us. Ragini scolds Vivaan for not listening to her. They are sure that they will come out of the mess soon. Vivaan gets the bail. Ajay tells them that he will arrest them for their crime next time too. Chakor has seen Ajay refusing the bribe and thinks he is an honest police officer. She goes to ask his help and makes a team to ruin Vivaan and Ragini’s wrong business.


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