Nisha’s change to surprise Aditya in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha’s dad has come to take revenge from Aditya. Aditya asks Nisha to stay away from him and his family. Nisha does not want to hurt Aditya, but can’t lose him. She is much disturbed. Aditya does not get scared of her dad’s threatening words. Nisha got punished as Aditya has broken relations with her. Her dad can’t see Nisha’s sorrow. He does not feel Nisha has done wrong with Aditya. Nisha’s dad loves her a lot and can’t see her mistakes.

He gets angry and goes to stab Aditya. Nisha stops her dad and comes in front of Aditya to save him. She says I love Aditya more than my life, he is my husband, how can you injure him. She takes the knife from her dad’s hand. Nisha’s positivism surprises Aditya. Aditya asks Nisha not to do her drama, as he will not fall in her words now. Nisha’s dad feels Aditya is doing injustice with Nisha.


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