Ricky-Sameera’s domestic violence drama next in Saathiya


Sameera provokes Ricky. Ricky confronts Gopi for slapping Sameera. Ricky gets angry seeing the slap marks on Sameera’s cheeks. Lady asks Kokila what’s happening, Kokila’s bahu is beaten up badly. Sameera shows that she is facing domestic violence by bad inlaws. Everyone wonder who has slapped Sameera. Ricky shouts on Gopi. He says there was no peaceful day till now here, since my marriage, you always taunted Sameera, I was quiet thinking everything will get fine, you have to answer me. Sameera has done this planning. They spoil Modi’s name in front of neighborhood ladies. Ricky wants to get complete hold on Modi house.

Ricky takes Sameera’s side and argues with Gopi. He asks Gopi why is she silent and looking at Kokila. Sameera, Daima and Ricky are acting. Gopi goes to meet Sameera and explain her. She says when its about respect of son and bahu, we will not bear anything, you always ruin our respect which is much unfair. Sameera asks Gopi were you a teacher in your last birth to give lecture always, if you all react this way, I will always do this. She plans to watch a Saas-bahu movie. She jokes on Gopi. Gopi understands its no use to explain Sameera.

On the other hand, Dharam and Meera’s romance will be seen as part of a dream sequence. Dharam and Meera miss each other. Bhavani sprays chloroform in Meera’s cupboard. Meera takes a saree from cupboard and faints. Bhavani sees Meera unconscious. She plans to make Meera disappear such that Vidya and Dharam won’t be able to find her.


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