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Harak-Harman declare a love war in Shakti

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Harman nabs the man in whose murder case he was convicted. He gets the man home and asks Harak Singh is he shocked to see this man. He confronts Harak Singh for framing his own son in the false murder case. The man asks Harak to save him. Harman asks Harak did he identify the man. Harman tells them that Soumya and anyone else did not did this, its Harak who has done this. He defends Soumya, when Preeto blames Soumya for the crime. Harman calls the police and gives away the man. Harman asks Harak why did he do this. Harak justifies himself and says you forgot your parents, your loving mum, all because of Soumya.

He says you love Soumya, fine love her, but I love Preeto, I will keep my love, see whose love wins, you don’t care for your mum, your parents have first right on you. He tells Harman that he has done this for his family. He says Preeto loves you, you love Soumya, let’s see how far this love war goes. Harman says every parent loves children, but your love has become a noose in my neck, no parents cage their child this way, enough of this planning, I will end everything, I will take Soumya and leave from the village. Preeto asks Harman not to go away. Harman asks Preeto not to stop him now, as his decision is final.

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