Pinky strengthens Shivay’s belief in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Omkara sing and dance along with their wives. Anika thanks Buamaa for getting Gauri in their lives. Gauri and Anika are glad to meet each other. Buamaa blesses their bonding. Anika surprises Shivay. He asks her how is she looking so happy. She tells him that its her mehendi function today. He jokes on the person who is marrying her. Anika asks Shivay is she tolerating her in his life. They have a romantic moment.

Pinky threatens Anika that very soon Shivay will kick her out of the house. Anika cries seeing Pinky’s hatred. Pinky humiliates her like always. Anika hides the matter from Shivay. He asks her to get his name written in her mehendi. Anika takes the mehendi from kitchen. Pinky acts good in front of Shivay. She takes the mehendi to apply it to Anika. Shivay saves Pinky from the chemical added mehendi. Pinky frames Anika by intoxicating the mehendi. Anika defends herself. Pinky tells Shivay that Anika wants to separate them. Pinky creates drama that Anika is blaming her. Shivay strikes a balance between Pinky and Anika. He shows his belief in Pinky. Pinky stays angry with Anika.

Meanwhile, Omkara finds hard to tolerate Gauri. They still have annoyance which hurts Gauri emotionally, but Omkara can’t see Gauri hurt. He cares for her wound, which makes Gauri hopeful.


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