Rangeela to save Rashmi’s life in Ghulaam


Veer has planned to kill Rashmi. Rashmi and Manpreet reach the temple. Manpreet gets down the car. Veer leaves scorpions in the car and locks it. Rashmi faints inside the car. Rangeela and Shivani learn Rashmi is in trouble and run to save her. Rangeela and Shivani try to open the car. Rangeela asks Shivani not to worry, he will get Rashmi out. Rangeela tries to break the window, but realizes its unbreakable glass.

Rangeela then burns the glass and opens the door. He gets Rashmi out. Rangeela tells Rashmi that Raghav is dead. Rashmi loses her senses and sheds tears. Rashmi gets angry on Rangeela and slaps him, asking him to say its a lie. She says nothing can happen to Raghav. Rangeela falls in her feet and apologizes to her for killing Raghav. Rashmi breaks down. Shivani consoles Rashmi and asks her to forgive Rangeela, as Rangeela has done everything to obey Veer.


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