Ranveer and Priyanka’s track back in Ishqbaaz


Kamini suggests Ranveer to change his plan and hurry up in marrying Priyanka. He asks him to forcibly marry Priyanka. She tells him she can’t wait much to take revenge from Oberois. She determines to tackle Oberois once Ranveer becomes son-in-law of the Oberoi family. Ranveer meets Priyanka at her home. He proposes her for marriage. Ranveer tries to convince Priyanka that she cares for him, else she would have informed her brothers about him. He confesses his love to her. He apologizes to her for his misdeeds.

Priyanka falls in his sugary words. Ranveer forces her to accept his proposal. Shivay hears Ranveer and goes to check Priyanka’s room. Shivay catches Ranveer and beats him up. Priyanka cries seeing Ranveer getting beaten up. Shivay does not listen to Anika when it comes to Priyanka’s matter. Pinky finds this a good chance to use Priyanka and Ranveer’s relation against Anika. Pinky will be teaming up with Kamini to break Shivay and Anika.


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