Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira’s fairy tale romance will be seen again. Kartik and Naira don the avatars of Aladin and Jasmin. Kartik has lost his heart again. He has fallen in love with Naira again. He gets struck by her mesmerizing beauty. He loses himself in her eyes. Kartik showers love on her. Naira stuns him by her Jasmin look. Naira daydreams about Kartik. Kartik has gone on a work trip. They had a fight and were not talking till Kartik left. They talk on a video call. They end their annoyance.


Avni takes the wedding rounds with Neil. They take the seven vows of wedding. Avni feels sorry to break Neil’s trust and cheat him. She knows she can’t keep the marriage vows. She has to take revenge from Dayavanti. She has taken this step towards her revenge motives.

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Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh Piyaji:
Sooraj guides Kanak to get Bhabho’s shop back. He asks her to fail Uma by answering him by cheat, as Uma has cheated Bhabho. Kanak gets Sooraj’s blessings. Kanak goes to Uma’s house and wants to fight her war on her conditions. Kanak asks Uma to accept her as she is, if he likes her. Uma is sure that Kanak will very soon become his ideal wife. He does not care of Kanak’s doings and is ready to accept her.

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Dhhai Kilo Prem: Piyush’s family is worried. Piyush’s dad comes home injured. Some goons were teasing Dipika. Dipika and Piyush’s dad fight with the goons. Dipika’s dad comes to ask about her. Dipika has impressed Piyush’s dad. Piyush’s dad jokes and acts to argue with Dipika’s family. He tells everyone that Dipika and Piyush’s marriage will happen. Dipika’s goodness wins over every hurdle. Dipika is very happy that marriage is happening, while Piyush is upset with the new developments.


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