Aditya to kidnap Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Aditya troubles Kirti. Naira reaches the place to save Kirti. She scolds Aditya. Aditya kidnaps Naira and takes her in his car. He ties her up and was forcibly taking her. Naira jumps down the car. Aditya tries to catch her. They have a fight. Aditya falls down the huge pit. Naira shows humanity and goes to save him. Naira and Kirti save Aditya. They take injured Aditya to the hospital. Naira says I have saved his life, it does not mean we will save him from punishment, he deserves punishment. They have good values and don’t do bad with him like he did. They forget the enmity and save his life. They hope Aditya gets fine.

Aditya recovers in the hospital. He insults Kirti again. Kirti falls in his feet and apologizes. Aditya accepts his crime of kidnapping Naira. He tells the story of the false case. Kirti thanks him for telling all the truth himself. Aditya gets overconfident and exposes himself. Aditya and Kirti get into an argument in the hospital. Kirti gives him a tight slap. Kirti and Naira tell Goenkas what Aditya did. Dadi gets disappointed with Aditya. Manish too goes to beat up Aditya. They call police to get Aditya arrested. Naira’s innocence gets proved.


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