Ashok proceeds in his revenge plan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita rescues Ruhi from the angry women. She asks them how can they treat a young girl this way, when they work for women welfare. She scolds the women angrily and defends Ruhi. She asks them to get Roshni and make her say truth in front of them. She tells them that Roshni has lied to them. She asks them not to be fools to listen to anyone and do wrong. Raman scolds the women for torturing girls. He tells them that women like them do wrong with helpless women and do injustice. He tells them how Roshni got love in his family. He threatens to send them behind bars for misbehaving with Ruhi. He asks them to leave, else he will call police right away. He tells them that black ink suits their face more. Ruhi gets traumatized by the bad happening. Ishita and Mihika take care of her.

Romi informs Raman that Adi will get bail if the lawyer helps them about annulment matter. Raman goes to meet the lawyer. Ruhi asks Ishita to go with Raman, else Raman can angrily spoil the matter. Ashok gets angry on the women for not humiliating Ruhi well. Baweja asks Ashok to just relax, as no one will help Adi. Ashok wants to shut all support doors for Adi.


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