Misunderstandings rock Mukhi-Aru in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

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Misri and her husband sit in the puja. Deep’s parents come there and get to know that Misri is adopted. Misri asks Mukhi not to hide anything. Deep’s parents break the alliance. Mukhi tries to explain. Aru can’t see Misri crying. She scolds Deep’s parents. She says you don’t care about the girl’s values, her family and clan matter to you all, she is like pure gold, if you don’t value her, why will we give her to you. Mukhi begs them to not break the alliance. Deep’s parents leave. Misri gets upset.

Misri wanted to unite Mukhi and Aru. She gives the marriage responsibility to Mukhi and Aru, to bring them closer. Misri elopes with Deep. Mukhi gets angry on Aru and throws her bags out. He asks Aru to leave from the house. Mukhi thinks Aru has tried to make Misri elope. He had a misunderstanding. Mukhi’s misunderstanding gets cleared when Misri and Deep come back home. Misri apologizes to him. Deep also apologizes. Mukhi realizes his mistake and apologizes to Aru for his misbehavior. Aru does not forgive him. She stays annoyed. Mukhi will be convincing Aru.






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