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Naina and Dadi plan and surprise Harjeet by a birthday party. They invite Harjeet’s mum in law Manjot home. Khurana gifts a diamond necklace for Harjeet. Naina tells Harjeet that she has helped him in choosing the necklace, but the gift is from Khurana’s side. She calls Manjot inside the door and shocks Harjeet by her gift. Naina asks Harjeet if she has liked the gift. Khurana gets glad to meet his grandmum after a long time. Manjot is happy to see Khurana’s love. Harjeet faints by the shock. Khurana worries. Manjot asks him not to worry for Harjeet. She tells him that she did not go for any Sanyas. She tries to expose Harjeet in front of Khurana. Naina asks Harjeet why did she lie to Khurana about Manjot.

Manjot tells Khurana that Harjeet has sent her to old age home. Khurana gets upset with Harjeet for keeping Manjot away from home. Harjeet uses her tears as weapon to melt his heart. She makes a fake story and lies to him again. She tells him that she did not torture Manjot. Khurana falls in her words. Khurana asks Naina to take care of Harjeet. Harjeet cuts her birthday cake and celebrates unwillingly. Naina misbehaves with Harjeet. Manjot is happy seeing Naina teaching a lesson to Harjeet. Naina threatens Harjeet. Khurana sees Naina insulting Harjeet and reacts angrily.



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