Raj to prove his love for Rani in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

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Raj and Rani do the ritual in the temple. He lifts Rani and walks to the temple barefoot. Rani asks him to put her down if he feels she is heavy. She wants to keep an eye on Vikramjeet and Preeti, who are also doing the ritual. Vasundara has planned this ritual. Rani does not know what is Vikramjeet planning. Raj loves her and is ready to give any test. Vikramjeet breaks the bottle in Raj’s way to stop him. Raj walks over the glass pieces. Raj’s feet bleeds. Raj does not tell Rani about his pain. He completes the ritual.

Rani gets to see his bleeding feet. She asks Raj how did this happen and when, why did he not tell him. Raj says he can’t live without Rani. Rani washes his feet and does aid. She runs away from Raj and sheds tears. Raj is happy to complete the ritual. Rani gets emotional. She gets into an argument with Raj. She could not bear Raj hurting himself. Raj has kept his love and did not care for his blood and pain. Raj proves it’s not easy to walk on the love path. Raj had to cross the tough path for Rani’s happiness.






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