Gauri gets clued about Buamaa’s secret in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara and family stop Priyanka from going to Ranveer. Gauri asks Priyanka to believe her love and have patience till everything gets fine. Rudra gets smitten by Bhavya’s innocence. A prisoner is released by some plan. Bhavya waits for right time to execute her plan. Rudra romances with Bhavya. He compliments her. Rudra and Bhavya see the criminal running towards them. Bhavya cleverly gets back. The criminal gets shocked. She pushes Rudra over him. Rudra turns much upset seeing the blood over his clothes. He gets scared. Bhavya tells him that they are crime witness, they have fallen in big trouble. Police arrives there. She scares Rudra and asks them to run away, putting Rudra in wrong light. Rudra and Bhavya hide somewhere. They have a romantic moment.

Gauri tries talking to Omkara about Anika and Shivay’s relation. She asks him to clear their misunderstandings. She feels Anika is innocent. Omkara can’t believe that Anika will support Ranveer. Gauri makes a plan to bring Shivay and Anika together. Omkara does not want Gauri to interfere in his family matters. He asks her not to do anything. Gauri goes to help Buamaa find something. She gets to know about Ratan. Gauri finds Buamaa’s behavior strange. Gauri asks Omkara about Ratan. Omkara gets angry on her for trying to find about his family. He warns her not to take Ratan’s name again. Gauri understands Ratan’s matter is complicated. Will Gauri get to the root of the mystery? Keep reading.


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